Disque óleo
Understanding the problem

The rest of vegetable oil you throw away, operates in the pipes same way as cholesterol acts in the arteries of the body human, reducing its diameter and causing clogging.

In In addition, a liter of vegetable oil contaminates a million gallons of water.

Help Dial Oil to preserve the health of the environment.

Disque óleo
Today, what to do?

Place the oil container (s), contact the Dial Oil, to be collected for free in your home.

* In his residence, the minimum amount to be collected is ten liters.

* Up to 30 liters you can exchange for cleaners.

Disque óleo
What is the used oil?

1 - For the manufacture of Biodiesel;
2 - Pasty soap;
3 - Animal Feed;
4 - Mass for Glazier;
5 - fertilizers and others.