Environmental Management System Dial Oil.

Through the Environmental Standards in effect, we have developed our environmental management system that determines our operational actions PROCEDURES FOR WASTE TRANSPORTATION.

All carriers of vegetable oils and fats in general, shall be in advocating the NBR 13,221, as follows:

Participate in training procedure for the handling and transport of waste inherent in the vegetable oil and fats, as well as road accident prevention.

Assess and know the routes used to collect respecting the internal rules of securities of companies or establishments and target collections process.

Keep vehicles in total transport conditions, including personal documents and licensing documents of the vehicle.

Respect the load capacity limit of the vehicle.

Keep the emissions of combatíveis vehicle gases with environmental requirements.

Report the direction of the company Dial oil every occurrence involving the transport of vegetable oil residue in order to avoid, reduce and neutralize any kind of contact with the physical environment.

Any changes that occur in this statement will be properly communicated to carriers.


For the treatment and control of waste generated aiming to keep them within acceptable standards of non-contamination and other misfortunes, acting as set out below: Waste liquids and semi-paste.

Action:. Segregation Primary and boxes specified for this activity, and removal of this waste to the treatment plant CEDAE

Note: For all waste management operations is determined by service orders (NR 01 of Decree 3214 of M.T.E) the use of proper personal protective equipment

. Solid Waste: Action: Segregation through identified and installed containers for the collection function. These are separated into specific packaging waste type Common Trash and will be placed at predetermined points for the collection held by public company urban sanitation.

Gaseous waste: Action: vehicle discharges emission control positioned in the unloading area of ​​vegetable oil through specific instruction on vehicle inspection, where at any time that vehicles present non-conformities in their greenhouse gas emissions will be notified by the management of the company, including other vehicles that may park on the premises of oil discharge area.

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